DCOC is no longer under development

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Performance issues have been reported with DCOC v2.05. If you have not yet upgraded to Prepar3D v2.5 I would recommend sticking with v2.4 for the time being.

Download DCOC v2.05 for Prepar3D v2.5 only.

Download DCOC v2.04 for Prepar3D v2.4

DCOC currently only supports Prepar3D v2.4 and v2.3. Prepar3D v2.5 support is coming soon!

DCOC is experimental alpha quality software. It will have bugs, may crash on occasion, may blue screen your computer, or possibly will not even work at all. Use at your own risk! If you run into any bugs, please e-mail me.

News and Updates

  • 02-20-2015 2.05Adds Oculus Rift 0.4.4 SDK. Supports Prepar3D v2.5 only.
  • 10-27-2014 2.04Adds Oculus Rift 0.4.3 SDK. Fixes Prepar3D 2.3 support. Fixes bugs with several 3rd party planes.
  • 09-29-2014 2.03Adds Direct Mode support. Adds ability to scale IPD in-game.
  • 09-20-2014 2.02Greatly improves comfort of zoom functionality. Adds update detection.
  • 09-19-2014 2.01Corrected crash on Scenario Planning screen
  • 09-19-2014 2.00Released v2.0


  • Asynchronous TimewarpMaintain a smooth immersive feeling with framerates as low as 30 fps.
  • Easy RecenteringLightly tap the Rift to recenter your view and position.
  • In-Rift NavigationNavigate menus, change vehicles, weather, location, settings, all without taking off your DK2.
  • Virtual Cockpit SupportClick dials, knobs, and switches. Mouse over gauges for easy to read tool-tips.
  • POV-Hat ZoomUse your joystick's hat to zoom in and read small gauges.
  • In-Craft KneeboardLook down to see your kneeboard or ATC dialog once it is open.
  • Simple InstallerNo fiddling with configuration files or settings necessary.


  • Why do I see flickering around the edges of my vision? To keep your view smooth, asynchronous timewarp will re-use the same frame multiple times and warp it to match your new viewing angle. If it has to use an old frame too many times, artifacts like black flickering will appear. So if you have too much flickering, turn down your graphics settings to increase your FPS and the flickering will decrease or go away entirely.
  • Why does my airplane feel tiny? Not all airplane virtual cockpits are modeled with accurate scale. If the scale feels off, go into the "Add-on -> DCOC World Scale" menu and adjust until everything feels right.
  • I can't read any gauges? They are too small! Try the DCOC zoom functionality. Press forwards on your primary hat switch to zoom in, and backwards to return to normal.

Feedback, ideas, bugs, feature requests? E-mail me!